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We deliver to EU-countries in two different ways. Mark which way you prefer to pay:


If the product is damaged in delivery time, this will immediately be notified by email, preferably with a photo of injury. So that we can complain about the damage the transport service, we must be able to inform the transport of the damage within 1-2 days. Please notify us of any damage within this period. This applies to both visible than hidden transport damage, so it is important that you open the transmission and check the condition of the product as soon as possible after receipt.

Return Policy:

Unopened (intact the plastic cap), the game can be returned without giving any reason by paying yourself shipping and pasting the financial return of the contact. The game will be packed carefully and its surface may be glued tapes processor or similar. Once opened, the game package, we will not redeem it back because there is enough accessible through our website. Cash on delivery the ordered product is binding order if you leave it unclaimed. We charge in the case under the new law we have incurred shipping. After opening the game box and found to be the lack of any, please contact us, and our place in the situation as quickly as possible. If you have paid for your order in advance and you want to cancel the transaction delayed delivery or changed because of the situation, we will refund your money within a week.