Rallylegend rally game 2 in 1

Game 1, 1000 Lakes Rally, In the 80′s the route gathered hundreds of thousands of spectators. Have you also been involved in the race or in the audience? Finland and the Flying Finns was a well-known concept in the world
by the 80′s. This board game honors those drivers. Group B era was, in turn, a short but unforgettable. The game recalls the many huge experience and legendary places where you yourself may be present. So in this game as in real rallies should remember that the prizes are not awarded until the finish, so the there is enough motivation even in the end. Race drop-out rates can easily become the same as in real rallies.

The game offers Harju super special stage, transitions coincidences, maintenance visits, and 9 special stages coincidence. Currency is another aspect that counts, but the victory can only be achieved “hans spot.” You can use a dice or get better result with good “neppis” technic. At the same time the board will be conducted simultaneously in three different phases of competition, so there is intresting enough to the end. Number of players 2-6 people. Ages 8 +, the full length of the route by 2 persons n.60min. Can be run in a shortened version.

Game 2.
The reverse side of the board game for 2, Rallychampions is a unique, fast-paced Neppis board game that allows up to only two players.

This game is driven through with the die-cast metal cars recently spent some accurate driving lines laid to victory. Is well suited also for the younger ones.