Rules of the Game

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Rallipelin säännöt

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The competition has three different sections:
SS Harju, the stage in the center of the city of Jyväskylä, 9 other special stages and route section . All played in the same game. Place the ga- me board and sideboards next to each other, so that all players reach the sideboards which are used two-way. It would be better if players sit on the same seating plan as their playing order is. Mix the coinsidence cards and put them in their own webinar. The cards marked with caution and notes are used on the SS-track and the others on the routesection.

Select your cars. Take the same colored plastic car as your choice is for the stand of the figure car. Each competitor takes then starting money. Suitable starting money is 5000 mk/competitor.

Start with the Harju stage. Each player goes through it indipently. Use here and on other stages the Gr B figurecars. Use the dice for the first move. If you get number one (failed the start ), you must throw again so many times that you get bigger number than one. All points are though counted together. If you get number six (jumpstart), you can move only tree blocks, but six points are counted to your result. After you get started you continue to move by pushing the die cast car on it ́s platform. It is not allowed to follow- through the car. Just push it as shown on picture. The car must keep on your own side and max two wheels can go outside of track. Your movement is the number the car reaches on the board with minimiun of one wheel. When ambiguous situation you must throw dice. NOTICE ON HARU STAGE: When out of track with more than two wheels you must throw dice for next turn. NOTICE: It is possible to play the whole game with dice or rat- her two, but it is slower and all depends on luck.

Other players keep book of your points. ALL points used during the stage are counted together. So if you are told to backup, your backing points are also counted on the result. You can run to the end as fast as you want, but all extra points you get when passing te fin- nish line are counted.

The winner of this stage is the player who scores less points. The winner gets 1000 mk extra money for his competion budget. If players score same points, the both winners raise 1000 mk.

On stages 2–10 you continue with the same cardboard figurecar as you had on Harju-stage. Here players can decide if they want to start with dice or not. The special stages are ment to be gone through with the die cast cars pushingboards scores. After passsing the stage, leave your car to the Parc Ferme.

  • NOTICE. If you arrive to SS finnish block (30) you must go via servicearea. You can go there without exact number, but you must stop at the tent to wait for your next turn. Same rule with VIP-area on the route.
  • Once you have passed the specialstage you continue on the ruote section up to the next SS start (marked with clock and on blue base) with the plastic cars. The route is driven by dice. Number 1 and 6 do not give penalty as on Harju stage.
  • If you stop at Caution block, raise a card from the ruote coinsidence pack and do what it says and return the card to the bottom of the pack. When arriving to VIP-block (31) you must go to visit the VIP area and stop at the tentblock before continuing.
  • It is not needed to have exact entry number with dice when you arrive to next stage, but you must stop at each SS block and leave the car on that block to remind what stage you are going through. And then you continue again on the SS with figurecars. NOTICE: Keep in mind, are you continuing on the stage or roadsection!
  • At the end of the route you have to be careful to avoid the policeblock and the final scrutineering. It is hard, because you need luck with the dice. If you enter the final flagblock you must go to scrutineering. Unless you have 1000mk left when asked to go to scrutineering, you are out of the game.
  • The players can decide to drive a shortened rally after what ever stage if they please to do so, but keep in mind that situations can chan- ge at the very last section as in real rallies.

Reasons why you might have to retire:

  1. You run out of cash
  2. Police takes your drivinglicence
  3. Coinsidence
  4. Final scrutineering

The winner is the first player to pass all the stages and drive succesfullyt to the end of the rally up to the podium ( exact entry not needed). The most money left after race is the one to offer the other players a drink.


Routes on board and cards are printed also in English.If any questions about how to play, do not hesitate to contact us. We´ll help you to continue asp.